Sunday, 2 March 2014

What you need to know to become Java Developer

The title say it all. Becoming a Java developer means you need to know how to write code and perhaps a bit more than that. So, what exactly should a person know or learn to claim him/herself to be a Java developer? I will try to visualize the answers in this article.

Technical Skills that Java developers should know

How is the diagram above?

It looks daunting but it's true, this are the kind of knowledge that a Java Developer should know. To be honest, there are more nodes I wanted to add into this diagram if there is enough space. You just have to count the amount of Java books in the market to have an idea of the amount of knowledge required? This may be a reason enough to discourage most beginners.

However, the good news is that you do not need to learn this in one day or even one month. It takes a long time for any of us to get exposed to all of these technologies. Most of the senior developers I know get all of these concepts well only through years of working.

No one can really excel in all these topics but Java developers still need to have a certain level of understanding of these fundamentals/concepts to cope well with daily work.

How should we move on?

It depends on who you are.

If you are a job seeker, email me to request a soft copy of this diagram. A nice and colorful diagram may help to justify pay check, I guess.

If you are a solid Java developer, counter check and provide me feedback if you find the diagram missing ny points.

If you are beginner, put this into a "What to learn" check list and do re-visit us often as we will slowly prepare the materials for you to learn. Also, be active in seeking knowledge yourself. We would like to share all of these knowledge with you but we are only mortals and our time is limited. Kindly remember that no one can help you more than yourself. A bright future do need hard work.

Embrace your new journey with all excitement and enthusiast!

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